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31st October 2003 permanent link

I’ve updated my yoga links page - mostly just reformatting it to my super new-model weblog look, but also added a couple of new links:

Anne-Marie Newland and I are practically cousins - our families are very close, but we hadn’t actually been in touch for years until we discovered that we’re both now into yoga. She started out as a sivananda teacher (the real sort, studied in India with Devananda, not the one month “teacher training” sort) and now teaches a kind of sivananda-vinyasa fusion style. I went to one of her classes the last time I went home to visit my folks, and had a great time.

… whereas I’ve never actually met this guy, but I’d like to. John has been one of the good guys in the online yoga scene for years under the nom de plume “okrgr”. (I’ve never been able to get into online pseudonyms myself. Just too literal-minded). How he has a weblog, Days in my Lives.

God how boring. Don't I have anything more interesting to write about than maintaining my own website? Not really. Sorry. Or to put it another way, yes, lots of things, but they all require more thinking and writing time than half an hour on the train to work, so they get written slowly if at all.

And furthermore, if somebody is going to find their own Authentic Voice as a writer, everybody says they need to write stuff than comes from their Own Reality. My Reality these days features: maintaining my own website, maintaining other people's financial software, maintaining my son's various input and output processes. And not much else. Maybe, rarely, the odd half hour to actually spend together with Maria doing something other than preparing bottles or changing nappies. Maybe, rarely, the odd half hour for actual yoga practice. So what am I supposed to write about?

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