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6th August 2003 permanent link

The first yoga-related entry in this ongoing experiment of having one weblog for everything, including things that would previously have gone in my yoga links & notes weblog.

When I was in India I quite by chance found and read a book called A Search In Secret India by Paul Brunton. I was very impressed by it and wrote about it in my yoga weblog, but I knew nothing about the author except that for an Englishman writing in the 1930s, he showed remarkable open-mindedness and respect for what were then quite esoteric aspects of Indian culture. So I was very interested to find this biographical article about him by Georg Feuerstein.

Feuerstein is a well known and generally highly regarded yoga historian and researcher. I am actually sceptical of some aspects of his scholarship (for reasons I might write about at length at some point), but I see no reason to doubt the accuracy of anything in this article.

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