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28th November 2003 permanent link

May I just take this opportunity to point out that Microsoft Office X (the version of Office for Mac OS X) is an incompetently written piece of crap?

I rarely need to use Word these days, thank god, because very little of what I write is intended to end up on paper. But just now I need to write a fancy-looking letter that involves precisely positioning some text over a background image. In the process of which Word has crashed. Twice. There is no other application on my Mac that crashes on a routine basis. This isn’t because every other application I use is simple and trivial, either. I suspect Photoshop is (at least) comparable to Word in its complexity, but it doesn’t crash.

Also, although I am well aware that my 700MHz iBook is not exactly an awesome supercomputer, Excel is the only thing I have on it that is so slow it’s almost unusable.

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