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4th October 2003 permanent link

Internet Explorer on the increase again. Oh dear.

I started this weblog in July with a look at what browsers visitors to were using. The interesting bits, for me as a Mac user, were that I was getting around 10% of my page views from Mac users, which is higher than the installed base of Macs would suggest; and among Mac browsers, Safari was already at 15% market share and rising fast. Now let’s update that picture:

mac browser market share

Safari’s meteoric rise continued to around 23% in August but Netscape 4 rose too(Netscape 4? That’s even worse than IE). Then in September - Safari back below 20%, Internet Explorer up over 10%. What happened?

Well, we’re not exactly dealing with statistically significant trends here. That IE increase represents a little over 200 page views. It could mean I picked up a grand total of one enthusiastic Mac IE using reader who looked at every page on the site. (And if you’re reading this - get Safari, it’s much better) Don’t get alarmed by changes on percentage graphs until you’ve asked, percentages of what?

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