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26th July 2003 permanent link

In my article on browser market share I said I wasn't aware of any figures for the installed based of Macs. Well, As the Apple Turns is not only always fun, but also occasionally comes up with useful quasi-statistics, like these ones yesterday.

Microsoft apparently claims to have 600 million customers [a mere 10% of the population of the world - how can that be an unassailable monopoly?] of whom the boys & girls at AtAT conservatively assume 90% are Windows users = 540 million Windows users. Apple, meanwhile, believes there are 25 million Macs out there - which if my calculator isn't mistaken means Mac users are about 4.4% of the Windows + Mac installed base(*). Which - finally getting to the point - means that's 10% of Mac-using visitors is on the high side as I suspected it might be.

(*) Assume desktop Linux is statistically insignificant, which is probably true now but might not be for much longer [big pdf link].

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