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14th January 2009 permanent link

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Very good place for beginners. I liked Waidring when I was a beginner snowboarder; my family loved it when I took them there as beginner skiers last year.

Lots of wide, pleasant blue runs served by fast modern chairlifts. Some, albeit limited, possibilities for the more experienced & ambitious: a couple of ok red runs, one solitary steep black run from the top of the mountain, some short but sweet off-piste opportunities dropping down into the valley to the left (west) of the main slopes if there’s powder.

The Steinplatte mountain isn’t very high, about 1,800 metres, but it’s a north facing bowl that often holds much better snow than other resorts at similar height in the region.

Steinplatte is on the Austrian/German border. Waidring village is on the Austrian side, and has access to the mountain via a cable car up some spectacular cliffs. The ski area is also reachable from the village of Reit im Winkl on the German side. Reit im Winkl is a pleasant little place, and a major centre for cross-country skiing, but access to Steinplatte is via a bus ride and then a long drag lift, not particularly recommended for snowboarders. I prefer to drive the extra half an hour to the Austrian side.

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