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really moving this time

3rd July 2004 permanent link

I mentioned ages ago that I was planning to move to a new linux server. I still haven’t done it - I’ve been using the linux box for some development projects and private stuff, but I was too afraid of my utter linux admin ignorance to actually switch my public website over.

Not any more. I’ve finally had it with my current hosting provider’s ludicrously tight disk space limit, their overenthusiastic spam filtering software, the embarrassment of being on a Windows server and the wastefulness of paying for two lots of hosting.

I have a sysadmin friend who is going to tell me how not to do anything too gratuitously stupid. Despite which, if goes off the air for indefinite lengths of time over the next few days, and/or I don’t have time to write anything, you know why. I’m busy learning to be a unix sysadmin - quickly.

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