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deer fence, upper Glen Affric

Glen Affric, Scotland, March 1998

This picture was taken on a volunteer work week with Trees for Life. It is looking east down the glen from near Alltbeithe. We were planting Scots Pine seedlings in the area to the right of the picture to help the regeneration of the natural forest in the upper glen; the fence is to protect the seedlings from being eaten by deer. I don't know the name of the mountain.

This is one of my favourite early attempts at a landscape photograph. The negative was damaged at the lab after I had it reprinted - visible as a semi-successfully retouched pale streak in the upper left corner of the sky. So I won't ever be getting it printed again - at least not until my Photoshop retouching technique improves - but I still like it.

(Camera: Nikon FM2, Lens: Nikkor 28mm, Film: Fuji Superia 400)

©1998 Alan Little